Learn about Global Village Group

At Global Village Group, we have defined very clear and excellent service quality standards to ensure our customer service is always maintained up to the desired satisfaction, both ours and the customers.

To win in the marketplace, we need to attract top talent. Therefore, we seek the best people - those with diverse experience, perspectives, knowledge, and backgrounds and continue to provide the training they need to develop new or stronger skills, advance in the company, and achieve their goals while making their unique contribution to the Company's success.

The group has expanded its strategic business units into different areas such as Printing solution, Money exchange, Enterprices, Pawn Broker, Leisure industry, Travel & Tourism, International Calling Card Service, Comminication and Jewelery. Subsidiaries of Global Village Group are

we align our processes to deliver high quality and value in what we offer. Furthermore, we believe it to be imperative to maintain the highest standards of quality, reliability and excellence at the end of any transaction. It is these values that have enabled us to reach such heights over the years.