Learn about Global Village Print

Global Village Print is the leading Solution Provider for ink cartridge and toners in Sri Lanka, offering the best option to customer.

We believe that products and services offer to our customer is standard of quality which is vital in order to retain the customers. Retaining customers is not only by supplying quality products but also providing them with an outstanding after sales service.

We offer an effective method to reduce the printing costs to our customers without compromising on quality and the service. We do not focus only on quality and service but we also strive to preserve the environment by recycling cartridges and toners.

Global Village Print was established over three years with great success in line with innovative product portfolio and outstanding after sales service. Global Village Print has become the ultimate choice for refilling cartridges and toners in the industry. The past three years has given us enough knowledge and skills to provide the best solution to our clients.

We have an enthusiastic team ready to share their experience and knowledge to support our customers. For our corporate customers we have a delivery team which is efficient, fast and convenient to the corporate sector. Our focus is to provide outstanding service to our customers without compromising on quality at an affordable price.