Global Village Exchange

Since 2010, we are authorized to accept foreign currencies. Why queue in banks when we change and accept Government Teachers Cheque?


Global Village Enterprises

As an agent for Western Union, you can avail this service at our main shown 116 Sea Street, Negombo and 215 main Street , Negombo.


Global Village Pawn Brok.

We provide Competitive interest rates. There are No hassle n completing forms and reduced waiting times. Late opening hours till 19 30 hrs (Monday to Sunday)


Global Village Communication

Local & International Calls
We provide Local and International calling service as local telecommunication clarity with reasonable tariff.
Net Calling
Extremely cheap without requiring an Internet data plan. You can start a call by selecting the contact on your normal address book
Type Setting
Our multilingual typesetting services are essential when you have a magazine, brochure or poster translated.
Color & Mono Printing
We can print documents such as bank statement and annual reports in very confidencially.
Color & Mono Photocopy
Copy your color or mono documets very quickly in our one of the fastest photocopy machine.
There are different lamination processes, depending on the type of materials to be laminated.
Calling Cards
Mobitalker is the new mobile smartphone application that provides low cost international calls using VoIP telephony.
Greeting Cards
We sell all kind of Greeting cards such as Birthdat, Festivals, Special days, Seasons Greetings and etc.
Internet Browsing
Latest computers, Very fast Internet connection, Latest softwares all in one place what else you want.